We specialize in empowering organizations and teams to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape through expert Agile and program management coaching. Through a team of experienced agile-certified coaches, we partner with you on your journey towards organizational transformational excellence. Whether you’re embarking on your Agile transformation or seeking to enhance the performance of your existing Agile teams, we’re here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Our Approach

Assessment & Strategy

We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your current Agile maturity level, organizational culture, and business objectives. Based on our findings, we work with you to develop a customized coaching strategy designed to accelerate your Agile transformation and achieve your desired outcomes.


Our comprehensive training programs cover a wide range of Agile methodologies, including Scrum, Kanban, and Lean Agile practices. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, our expert trainers will equip you and your team with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in today's fast-paced environment.


Our Agile coaches provide hands-on support and guidance to Agile teams at all levels of your organization. From facilitating sprint planning sessions to conducting retrospectives, we help your teams maximize their productivity, collaboration, and delivery of value.

Continuous Improvement

Agile is not a destination but a journey. We believe in the power of continuous improvement and iteration. Through regular feedback loops, retrospectives, and coaching sessions, we help you adapt and evolve in response to changing market conditions and customer needs.

Tooling & Process Improvements

At Scale with Agile, we specialize in customizing and implementing leading software solutions such as JIRA and Confluence to optimize project management processes and enhance team collaboration. Our approach is focused on understanding your unique business needs, enabling us to provide bespoke setups, integrations, and continuous support tailored specifically for your organization. 

From configuring JIRA for maximum workflow efficiency to leveraging Confluence as your all-encompassing knowledge repository, our expert consultants are dedicated to ensuring your teams are equipped to deliver superior results. Partner with Scale with Agile to transform your project management strategies and drive exceptional performance across your projects. Let’s scale your success together.

Coaching & Mentoring

At Scale with Agile, we believe that the foundation of successful project management lies in robust Agile practices, and our coaching and mentoring services are designed to instill these principles within your teams. Our experienced Agile coaches provide comprehensive training and ongoing support, guiding your teams through the complexities of Agile methodologies. 

We focus on practical, hands-on applications that range from daily stand-ups to sprint reviews, ensuring that Agile practices are not only understood but also effectively implemented to drive real results. By fostering an environment of continuous improvement, our coaching empowers teams to adapt to changes swiftly, enhance collaboration, and increase productivity, ultimately leading to a sustainable Agile culture that can propel your organization forward.


We are looking forward to offering training classes online and in-person, at our studios in Bellevue WA, or at your offices. We are currently working on delivering certified scrum classes, as well as customized additional classes for Technical Program Managers and Engineering Managers. We envision starting to deliver our classes in Q2 of 2024.